Scrap box for sheets and scrap lead frames

The coil set and damaged strip edges are cut-out by crop- or cut-to-length shears in Slitting or Cut-to-Length Lines. The scrap pieces drop in a collecting box, so called scrap box.

Also scrap sheets or lead frames respectively the scrap web coming out of laser cutting machines and need to be collected.
You find our scrap boxes in the sheet metal industry at plenty of applications.

The scrap box is available with single bottom flap or double bottom flap to allow a significant reduction in movement during opening and emptying of the scrap box.

This also leads to increased safety for the operator in handling the scrap box.

Furtermore our self-opening scrap box makes operation respectively emptying of the box easier.

The scrap box can be custom designed and manufactured to the installation site and the related available dimensions, and is therefore also suitable for use in existing coil processing lines.

The scrap boxes are available for maximum fill weights up to 5 tons.

Our scrap boxes can be handled, depending on customer request, by crane with ropes, crane with coil tongs, and/or fork lifter.

Special versions are available on request.
Scrap carts or trolleys to move the boxes over rails on the floor are available as well.