Coil stand – Coil packaging station – coil storing station

The coil stand is ideal for strapping, labeling, and packaging of slit coils, even with high coil weights, in a hanging position. Thus, the falling of the coil rings can be excluded during processing.

A large base plate serves as a footprint and at the same time takes over the weight balance, even at maximum payload. In this way, no anchoring of the coil stand on the hall floor is necessary and a flexible installation in the hall is possible.

The pickup arm of the coil stand is geometrically constructed in "open and continuous" U-shape. This allows coil loading from both sides of the coil stand without the C-hook on the hall crane having to perform a 180° pivoting movement with the coil. Optionally, a scale can also be integrated below the base plate.

Furthermore we build mechanical stands to store and transport coils.